Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Chesley Mclaren's clothing line Demoiselle. 
Spring 2008. 
A modern 1800s look. 
Chic, innovative and inspirational looks. 
I love these outfits. 

A simple red dress with an adorable white ribbon in the back. 

I love this purple empire coat. It reminds me of something a pirate would wear or the men during the 1800s. 

A beautiful lace dress with a bright red lace under. 

The dress and the coat are my absolute favorites. The dress is so simple and delicate and the coat is a beautiful color and the design is amazing. 


Miranda said...

great photos!
i love that purple coat and the yellow lace

ŞeNaY said...

great outfits!! i esp love the last one! they all look so beautiful though.

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

The last dress is so very beautiful! Right clicking it for my inspiration board! Hope you don't mind. :D