Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Distant Places

I am itching to go out and travel. I always get this feeling of wanting to go out and see the world. There is this strong uncontrollable urge in me that I can't explain. I just want to pack up and go.

I just want to fly away and leave everything behind me. I want to see the world. I want to see every inch of it. 

There are so many beautiful places to explore and visit. I want to explore and go to places that people can only image to visit in their dreams. I want to make my dreams into reality.

There is this hunger in me that wants to bask in all the wonderful different cultures. Its like I have this unsettling soul that just needs to constantly change her scenery and finds fulfillment in different places, other than home. 

My head is just spinning thinking about it. Traveling is so addicting. Once you have had a taste of what life outside of your home is like, you will want to see more. There is so much to do, so much to see. 

I have traveled many times before and every time it feels amazing just to be out and about. Just experiencing a whole range of eclectic cultures feels exhilarating. Visiting beautiful country-sides, walking through a crowded city, sleeping in hotels that have been there since the time of Louis XIV and just riding on a train to a new destination completely different only a few hours away. 

Traveling is what I love. If I could just pack up and leave right now, I would. I need to experience so much more. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coco Chanel

I watched the Lifetime channel movie on Coco Chanel Saturday night and I must say Chanel is definitely a wonderful designer. Though the movie did not have the best dialogue in the "professing of love" scenes with its stereotypical lines, for an introduction to the life of one of the world's most inspiring, innovative, fashion-forward designers, it was good. 

Just watching the movie, I became inspired and wish that I could create beautiful garments that many people adored and loved. Chanel was an amazing designer who was so ahead of her time. She did not care if her clothing was so out of the ordinary that people did not understand it. She did what she did because she loved what she was doing and it was her passion.

I love movies like this, that show these amazing and talented people who show the world their amazing creations. 

I am even more excited for Coco avant Chanel movie starring Audrey Tautou (one of my favorite actresses) which is suppose to come out next year. Something to look forward to in the future.